These words are holding you back

I am a firm believer that the words you use to communicate with others and yourself will determine the quality of your relationships and your personal self-esteem. Below is a list of words that you NEED to eliminate from your mental and verbal vocabulary…NOW…if you wish to become a High Performing Student.

Weak Words and Phrases

“Just” … By saying just before something important, you are negating its importance. It reduces what you have to say to nothing. Remove it from your emails, phone calls, and self-talk.

“Hopefully” … By saying hopefully, you are taking all of your personal power away, as if you have no responsibility to make something happen. Remove it from your emails, phone calls, and self-talk. Just imagine telling a client, “I hope we can help you….”.

“Try” … Replace this with the word test. Like Yoda says, we do or do not. There is no try. Using this word takes away all positive personal pressure to get a result. Get rid of this now.

“Uhhh” … Replace any and all filler words with a pause. When you don’t know what you want to say, take 5-10 seconds to think about it first. Silence is your new best friend, and there is no need to speak all the time.

“Worry” … Worrying creates anxiety, and it is always based on a future scenario that has yet to unfold. When you use this word with yourself, it creates anxiety. When you use it with others, it creates within them the same feeling.

“Want” … Everywhere you use the word want you can replace it with “will” or “I will…”. Wanting is a weak emotion or phrase. Instead of saying, “I want to change,” replace it with I WILL change. Even more powerful than will is “I am…”

“I am” … This is the most powerful statement you can ever use because what you say after those two words becomes your reality. No one can tell you who you are, but who you say you will dominate your life. Be VERY mindful of how you complete those statements.

“Should” … This instantly puts you in a negative state. When you use the word, should you tell yourself that there is something you’re not doing, not good enough at or not ready for, and most of the time, you use the word should because you’re basing your idea of success on what somebody else told you.

“Need” … There are only a few things that you actually need in life: food, water, shelter, and any other basic necessities. Using the word need to describe anything else will make you dependent on exterior things: drugs, alcohol, sex, materialistic things, video games, e.t.c. Be very mindful when using the word need to describe something you merely think you want.

“All, Everybody, Everyone.” … No more generalizations. Generalizing isolates you from the choice and power to change, and it darkens your reality. There are few valid scenarios where you can generalize.

Maybe you’ve already removed these words, or you’ve never thought of this before…either way, thank you for reading this article. Subscribe below for weekly articles just like this one 🙂


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