“Time Management Secrets of Billionaires”

I was recently reading Chet Holmes Book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” and he introduced an idea that has radically increased my productivity and efficiency.

He introduced it in the middle of chapter 1 (Time Management Secrets of Billionaires). The chapter title says it all, lol…

The idea was simple but powerful. At the start of each day write out the six most important tasks you must complete and assign a time to each task. Then take those six tasks and schedule them into your workday.

Simple? Yes! Powerful? Absolutely!

To make this productivity hack even more useful, try creating the list the night before and emailing it to yourself. In the morning reference your email and complete all tasks before moving on to anything else.

Here was one of my recent workday emails:

1. 20 Sales Emails – 30 minutes 
2. Podcast Intro (write/record) – 30 minutes 
3. Outline New Team Roles – 30 minutes 
4. Market Research – 30 minutes 
5. Record Podcast – 30 minutes 



Maybe you’re already doing this, or you’ve never done it and you’re just as excited as I was…either way, thank you for reading this article. Subscribe below for weekly articles just like this one 🙂


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