A Productivity Hack: Tabs

How much time do you spend looking for things on your laptop?

If you’re anything like me you spend hours working on your laptop, and at least 1/10th of the time is always spent clicking your way through google drive to find that file you’re looking for or going through 4-5 pages to reach the login screen of a website that you use DAILY.

Just recently this frustration drove me to start using the bookmark feature on google chrome the way it’s meant to be used…

As you can see I have folders created for many different areas of my life, and each time I visit a new page that I know I will visiting often, I will drag it into an appropriate folder or create a new one.

You can spend 1-2 hours organizing everything from school websites you use often, to youtube channels you browse daily to specific pages in your google drive that maybe 10-20 clicks away. It doesn’t seem like a huge time saver but small consistent actions really do compound over time 🙂

You can even create sub-folders in each folder…

This has to be one of the most underused and underutilized tools to optimize your web browsing and save you a few hours per week.

Maybe you’re already doing this and you think I’m a total idiot, or you’ve never done this and you’re just as excited as I was…either way, thank you for reading this article. Subscribe below for weekly articles just like this one 🙂


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