How to set up and use Google Calendar (It’s the best…I’m biased)

Do you use a calendar to plan and organize your life? If you answered, “no” or, “yes, but I don’t find it helpful”, this article will be VERY useful.

This morning, and every Sunday, I spend one hour planning the following week. The only difference today was that a good buddy of mine, Nick, was over and became increasingly curious as I began planning.

After starting to explain my process, I asked Nick a question, “do you use a calendar to keep track of your life.” After he told me he doesn’t, I was shocked. Naturally, my next question was, “well, then how do you keep track of everything?” That’s when he pointed to his head…bruh.

The next 30 minutes were spent teaching Nick how to use google calendar…If you are in the same boat as Nick or want to use your calendar better, keep reading as I breakdown how I use my calendar and all the tips and tricks that you can use.


You need to download the app, “Google calendar“. P.S. There are way more than one reviews on this app…not sure why it shows that 🙂

If you’re OCD like me, make sure you add a bookmark on your laptop for your calendar as well.


You need to categorize where you spend time in your life and assign a colour to each category.

To give you a better idea, here are the five categories I use to organize my time and the colour I associate with them.

Purple – speaking engagements
Blue – sales calls/phone calls/meetings
Yellow – Podcast episodes/interviews
Green – Work for PickWaste
Orange – Time with Nikki (my love)
Red – Other

This is what this looks like in real time…


Get it to the habit of adding things to your calendar according to the colours you assigned. Every time someone asks you to do something, respond with, “let me check my calendar” or “let me add this to my calendar.”

Don’t stress if right now your calendar is empty…that’s OK! As time goes on, you will use it more until it becomes a habit, and coincidentally full of activities 🙂

You will get better at it overtime. This is what my calendar looked like two years ago…you are not alone!

P.S. You could stop reading right now and know everything you need to get started, but keep reading for cool tips and tricks.


Set up reminders. There is a really cool feature on Google Calendar that allows you to set up recurring reminders. You can use this primarily for bill payments, due-dates and important to-do items.

On the sidebar (see the image above), you can toggle these reminders on and off, and assign a colour to them as well. What makes a reminder so useful is that they automatically stick to the top of whatever day you assign them to, making it very difficult to miss.

To create a reminder click the “create” button and toggle off event and on to reminder. Fill out the details and you’re all set.


Add important birthdays 🎉. I have over 300 birthdays saved on my calendar. This is to ensure I don’t forget to wish people a happy birthday.

Don’t you love it when someone you haven’t talked to in years sends you a kind-hearted birthday message? YOU can be that person for someone else 🙂

To do this, you need to go to your google contacts: (You can only access this after you login to your G-mail account.

Once you login, you should see something like this without all the contacts…

(P.S. want to learn more about bookmarks like the ones you see below…read this:

After you find this page, all you need to do is click, “Create Contact” and add the persons first name, last name and date of birth. To add the birthdate you need yo click “see more”. once you already clicked “create contact.”

After saving the new contact you will go onto your calendar and toggle on the birthday box. THAT’S IT!


Keep in mind there are SO many other things you can do on your calendar. You can sync other calendars so that they show up here as well (outlook, apple, etc). You can assign tasks, show holidays, and even set up email reminders to yourself before important tasks or events.

I hope this was helpful, and you begin using google calendar. It will change your life and make you 100x more productive 🙂

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