Accelerate Your Learning Outside Of School

“I want to experience more, become more, have more, help more, enjoy more and live more.”

Don’t we all?

But the only way to achieve our unique version of success is to learn more. It has been said that “leaders are readers” who are committed to constant growth and the endless pursuit of knowledge. We have probably all heard that If you want to earn more learn more!

So how do we learn?

In society today, there are 2 prevalent forms of education.

  1. One being the formal route through institutions (Elementary school ->High school -> College/University -> DONE)
  2. The Second being self-taught and hands on. (Read -> Act -> Fail -> Learn -> Repeat)

To put it into simple terms, it’s the old idea of book smarts vs. street smarts.

But what most people don’t realize is that there is actually a third method of learning that is integral to your success. Learning from modelling – Mentorship.


Have you ever watched any of these movies: The Karate Kid, The pursuit of happiness or Rocky Balboa? If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do as they’re all timeless classics, but I wanted to draw your attention towards a common theme among all three movies; mentorship.

Throughout all three stories each of the main characters learn from all 3 forms of education, but the most important from of learning was through mentorship.

The Karate Kid didn’t go to karate class to learn self-defence, he went and waxed the cars of a karate master and learnt from him in his backyard. Rocky Balboa did not become a boxing superstar on his own, he had his mentor Mikky pushing him every single day, and Will Smith in the pursuit of happiness did not even get a formal education but he managed to land a job at a huge firm after being homeless for weeks and sleeping in washrooms.

Mentorship is essential to your success so do not discount it as a legitimate source of learning.


As a student you must begin forming relationships with people that you want to share the same levels of success with in the future. Find those role models and make friends of them, spend time with them, learn from them and you will grow!

This does not have to be a formal discussed relationship, but instead another friendship. It can be difficult at first to find a mentor, but often times that is simply because you’re not looking. When the student is ready the teacher usually appears.


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