7 Special Words Of Appreciation


A few days ago (Monday to be exact) I was recording a podcast episode with the one and only author, singer, songwriter and youth speaker Blake Fly. Blake is such an awesome, authentic, down to earth dude and there was something he said during the interview that I thought would serve you very well.

Knowing that Blake mainly speaks about appreciation, respect, kindness and gratitude I knew the conversation was going to get authentic very fast, and it did. There were so many nuggets in the stories he shared, and I cannot wait to release the episode so you can have a listen.

BUT as a little sneak preview here is one of the lessons he taught me during our chat.

He explained that most people love feeling appreciated (I agree) but that there is a current lack of appreciation being given because it’s often awkward to say grateful things to other people. We think we will be bothering someone or sound really funny if we express appreciation and gratitude to a person who is not expecting it. All of these things could be true, but the result of doing nothing is a lot worse.

The alternative here is that we say nothing, the person never knows, and the unique conversation and connection doesn’t happen.


So, Blake taught me a small action we can take consistently to appreciate other people every morning (a great way to start the day). After you’ve woken up and done your morning rituals pull out your phone, scroll down your list of contacts and stop randomly after 5 seconds. The first name you see on the screen send them this message “Hey I just wanted to say thanks”.

Blake explained that you typically get two responses when doing this. One: the person receiving the message responses with “huh” or “for what?”. Two: they send a warm message back. Both responses lead you down the same path which is a feeling of gratitude and appreciation because once you start talking you will remember memories with that person, the times you spent together and any other details about that relationship.

Being an advocate for small actions I thought this little gesture could make a lot of other people feel great and also allow you to start your day in a grateful state of mind.

Blake challenged me to do it for 5 days in a row and observe the conversations and I invite you to do the same 🙂


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